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I am a fiction editor dealing mostly with novel-length manuscripts.

My primary genres are mystery and speculative (fantasy, science fiction, paranormal, and horror), but I have experience in romance and children’s fiction as well. I have worked with UK, US and Canadian styles. I am always looking for new challenges and interesting projects.

I would like to offer you a free five-page sample edit, with no obligation. Then I can assess the level of editing you will need and we can begin a dialogue on the length of time and costs involved. I charge by the word, with different rates per editing type. Payment is on completion, and any subsequent queries you may have are free.

What type of editing do you need?

Line Editing:

This is a very deep form of textual editing. Your editor will go line by line to improve your style and grammar. Not everyone needs this as it is intensive and usually more expensive. A good editor will be able to tell you if you need line editing after looking at a sample of your prose. Expect to see many edits and reworkings of your piece.

Copy Editing:

This is a lighter form of textual editing. Also, it’s not just spelling and grammar; it’s editing for style, flow and consistency. Anything from varying sentence length to synonyms for oft-repeated words. A copy editor will also make sure your heroine’s eye colour doesn’t change halfway through the piece.


This is the final stage any book should go through. The proofreader looks for typos, orphan lines, errant punctuation and anything else the copy or line editor may have missed.

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