The Rosetta Archive Has Launched

It feels great to have been brought on as junior editor for this anthology. It includes a lot of stories I’ve copy edited previously for Future Science Fiction Digest. Essentially the collection centres on the Rosetta Awards, which were handed out for translated fiction last year. The winning story, “Roesin”, is the first in theContinue reading “The Rosetta Archive Has Launched”

The Missing Professor by Andrea Instone

I was brought in as second copy editor on this book, and I must tell you, I was enamoured immediately. It is the first in a series of German mysteries by author Andrea Instone. This translation into English has been done by Rachel Reynolds of Nightshade and Moonlight publishing. This is not your typical cosyContinue reading “The Missing Professor by Andrea Instone”

An Interesting Project

At the moment I’m participating in a project to bring Yefim Zozulya’s Russian stories to a new English audience. We started with “The Dictator: The Story of Ak and Humanity,” and it is a blistering satire of the Russian Revolution. It centres on a proclamation that the ruling Council will be liquidating all persons deemedContinue reading “An Interesting Project”

What Every Author Should Know

If you’re an indie author looking to self publish, there are definitely ways you can do it yourself at very low cost. Amazon KDP doesn’t charge, for one. But a self-published author faces a minefield of choices. There’s covers (and face it, people do judge books by their cover), editing, formatting, and of course marketing.Continue reading “What Every Author Should Know”

Types of Editor – Which One Should You Choose?

Every author gets to the point where they can finally write “The End” (then take a picture of their laptop and empty coffee cup for Instagram). And then, if they’re normal nitpicky humans, they’ll go over each chapter and rework it and change bits of it and look for errant commas. But then, there’s aContinue reading “Types of Editor – Which One Should You Choose?”

Harry the Book is (Nearly) In.

Looking back, I can’t believe that up until two years ago I had never heard of Mike Resnick, who was only the most decorated author in the science fiction short story genre. In total he garnered 162 award wins and nominations, including one Skylark, one Nebula, one Locus, and five Hugos. In celebration of hisContinue reading “Harry the Book is (Nearly) In.”