Stealing Titles From the Beatles, or Why Insomnia has to be Stopped

Yes, a reference to both A Long and Winding Road and A Hard Day’s Night in one title. Sort of.

Reading and books have always been my passion. I’ve secretly had a plan for putting down my fantasy world into some sort of literary shape, and sending it out into the world, ever since school days. But circumstances really got in my way. Health problems and work issues have been major stumbling blocks. And I struggle with concentration even on my best days. I yearn to be eighteen again, able to put words together like a stream of light, instead of bumbling along in the dark as I do now.

But there are compensations. Life is a fantastic teacher. Walking through situations where you are not always right, not always smart, not always best, brings a maturity that being free from such carborundum does not.

So why am I writing a blog? I want to get used to putting words together again. Even if no one else reads them, practice is a good thing. And someday, the book in my head will coalesce. It must. And I’ll be able to trap it on paper, like a living thing inscribed. It might lose a little in the transition, but I think all art does.

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